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In our modern and family oriented clinic, we are committed to helping you achieve and maintain your optimal level of health



We do this by locating and removing interference or stress from your nervous system. By restoring proper motion to the spine and allowing the body to manage its own health, you can live to your full potential



Every member of your family is welcome, from those yet to be born to those wanting to enjoy their golden years with vitality



Peter Thomas DC, ACP


Our Principal Chiropractor Dr. Thomas loves working with people of all ages. He qualified as a Doctor of Chiropractic in the UK and has since attended professional courses throughout Europe and with the prestigious Sherman College of Chiropractic, USA


He regularly attends conferences, working and training with the world's leading Chiropractors, and is committed to mastering his technique to better serve in his community.


Dr Thomas is an avid reader and is a member of the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers. He is a former Soldier, Personal Trainer, and Outdoors Instructor and has lived in various countries around Europe. He now resides in Norway with his beautiful family and is a plant-based, ultra-distance runner



If you would like to hear how regular Chiropractic care can help with low energy, pain, sickness and all manner of other conditions, please contact us and schedule your appointment this week



We look forward to welcoming you to Avalon Klinikken

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